Choose your finish from one of our award-winning plasters: Forté Base - a suede-like texture, Forté Finish - a soft, smooth, waxy texture that is the strongest of all our plasters, Forté White - formulated to be as white and bright in color as is "earthly" possible, this finish can be suede-like to smooth and waxy depending on preference, Loma™ - the original earth plaster and our best-selling product, Porcelina™ - satin-smooth and easily blended for a marble-like surface, Lomalina™ - an ingenious blend of Loma™ plaster and Porcelina™ plaster, Marittimo™ - this finish lends itself to a smooth waxy feel or a textural sand finish, and Enjarre™ - our only single-coat product.
Prepare your walls with our Primer Sand additive, mix in your choice of binder to your plaster (Original plasters only), and add in your favorite color from our palette of 239 standard and blended color options. Color blends are achieved by mixing multiple standard color packs into a single bag of plaster, simply follow the formula associated with the specific color blend.
You can find textural additives like Mica or Straw to create unique finishes. We also have Lime Putty for projects requiring color enhancement (professional application only).
We offer pre-mixed sample bags of plaster for testing our products or for small repair projects. Also, we have finished samples for your review if you are in the beginning stages of your project planning.
Looking for trowels for application or compression - we have those too!
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