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American Clay standard color pigments are pre-measured color packs that are ready to be added to one bag of plaster to achieve a particular color.

Napa Olive

  • Our American Clay standard color pigments are placed in individual packs that are pre-measured to be added to one bag of plaster. Each individual color pack will vary in weight depending on how much pigment is used to create that specific color. American Clay color pigment packs contain naturally occurring mineral pigments, which means they are resistant to UV light and fading.


    Our pigments are made in batches and every pack will have a batch number printed on the label. We do recommend using color pigment packs from the same batch. If this is not an option, simply mix clay plaster that has been tinted with two different batches of pigment in order to unify the color for consistency.


    To achieve "blended colors": follow the formula listed with the color name and mix with one bag of plaster.

    • Example: 1 color pack of Sugarloaf White + 1 color pack of Acacia mixed into 1 bag of plaster will achieve White Plains.


    ***For more information on application including video tutorials, please visit our Online Workshop pages.

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