American Clay 12" x 12" Samples in a particular color and finish - Set of 5 Samples.

American Clay Samples (12"x12") - Set of 5 Samples

  • Five American Clay 12" x 12" Samples are perfect for individuals who have specific colors and finishes that they would love to see and feel up close. We always recommend seeing our product in person along with placing the samples in the spaces where you are thinking of applying our product on your next project. The color can dramatically change depending on lighting, so make sure you like the colors you see in your space before proceeding.





    • Samples are typically produced within 1 to 2 weeks (not including shipping time). Orders for multiple sets of samples will require longer production time.
    • Samples cannot be produced for Lime Gauged finishes, Lime Washed finishes, artistic techniques, or for custom colors.

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